Nothing Is Sacred

I give you, George Washington, the mascot of Nuba (牛巴), a Chinese steakhouse chain, in all his Colonel Sanders-riffic glory:


It’s a little like slapping Chairman Mao’s face on the side of Burger King back in the States. Mmm … Burger Chairman. For what it’s worth, the food was decent, albeit standard Chinese skillet steak fare. I didn’t try the “George Washington chicken” though. Not shown but worth mentioning: the Mercedes-Benz-inspired hot pot restaurant (why?) next door to Nuba.

Note that I tried to Google a website for Nuba, to no avail. But “Everything Is Connected” freaks out there might be interested to know that Nuba is the name of a Sudanese people threatened by the regime in Khartoum, a regime which is supported by a certain unmentionable government. So perhaps, as they face famine, bombardment, and persecution, the Nuba people can take heart that Chinese people will eat at a restaurant bearing their name — and George Washington’s face.


One thought on “Nothing Is Sacred

  1. Haha -I’ve been to china twice in recent years but I haven’t seen this one! I ate at places that were very close to KFC branding. How funny..the thing is if you asked anybody there who it is they wouldn’t have a clue, but it’s a westerner so I guess that’s all that matters 🙂

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