Privacy – (CCTV + Youtube) = Lawsuit

A very unlucky Shanghai couple discovered that their public display of affection on the subway became very public after CCTV footage of the pair made its way to online video sites. Reuters reports,

The three-minute video of the couple in their 20s was shot in September and uploaded to Youtube and Chinese video-sharing Web sites last week, Tuesday’s China Daily reported, citing a local newspaper.

It drew more than 15,000 hits in two days, it said.

“A mocking voice can be heard in the background of the video. It has extremely embarrassed the couple,” the paper said.

The couple had hired a lawyer in the interests “of all passengers traveling on metro trains in Shanghai,” the paper quoted the unnamed man in the video as saying.

The funny thing is, the number CCTV cameras per capita in China lags behind Great Britain, so I’m surprised this didn’t happen in Britain first.